Film & Video Samples


Writer. Client: Leo Ticheli Productions. A one-hour TV documentary celebrating the 100th anniversary of Johnson City Medical Center, the flagship of one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the U.S.  

golf passion

Writer, producer. Students from Golf Academy of America, the nation's largest golf college, sound off on their career goals in this short promotional video. Edited by Jeff Davis.

the odd couple of real estate

Producer. In a world of somber corporate video scripts our production team created a short documentary profiling two business owners with nothing in common. Shot and edited by Randy Archer.


visiTor to virgin pines (trailer)

Writer and director. Trailer for a short narrative film starring Jane Trechsel and Alan Litsey. Premiered at the Sidewalk Film Festival.

BY THE GRACE OF BOB (formerly shooting the prodigal) (trailer)

Co-writer. A comedy feature film about a Jewish film school student who travels to Alabama to help a Baptist church make a film about the Prodigal Son. Directed by David Powers for Belltower Pictures.

the necb student experience

Writer and producer. Three online students from New England College of Business meet for the first time in Boston and share their student experiences in this short documentary. Edited by Jeff Davis.


a driving fool (teaser)

Producer, narration writer. Teaser for TV series concept based on writer Kevin Gieb's real-life adventure blog. Directed by Jim Contner, edited by Guy Casablanca, narrated by Jim Hanks and featuring Frank Sivero (THE GODFATHER, GOODFELLAS).

science & the god question (trailer)

Writer and producer. Clients: Fixed Point Foundation and Crewsouth. Documentary filmed at Oxford University with scholars Alister McGrath and John Lennox.


one small step at a time

Co-writer. The Firehouse Shelter serves homeless men and needed a new building. This short documentary, produced by Ted Speaker, tells the story of some of its clients.